Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving is fast approaching...

Last year I spent Thanksgiving alone, in my parents basement because my Grandparents said I was not welcome to attend the family dinner. I sobbed on my bed for hours, punched a cement wall, yelled, screamed, then made some cookies. When my family returned they were happy and well fed. They talked about how much fun they had playing the games and seeing our family...It broke me even further to see how much fun they had at a place I was not welcome. As the holiday approaches this year I was getting excited. Thinking about all the food and fun we would have at my Grandparents. Ive been telling Master about all the games we play and the yummy home cooked food my Grandmother makes. Today I called my Grandparents to make sure it was okay that we attended Thanksgiving this year and once again my heart was shattered. My Grandfather told me that we were not welcome to attend. If I wanted to attend I must come alone and break up with Master. My family does not want me, him, us. At the moment nothing matters anymore. The thing I was looking the most forward to I will once again not be able to attend. Sigh so much for a loving family.

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