Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New start

I as a slave would personally like to become more one with myself. To allow my inner most wants to come out and to act on those wants. I want to become the person that I want to be. To be fully submissive to the man I love.

As a slave I should be expected to do several things:
©      Have the house spotless
©      Have dinner on the table when Master comes home from work
©      Have the water on, towel out and Masters show things ready when he awakes
©      Be kneeling in the tub and ready to accept Masters golden gift
©      Be kneeling/sitting at His side ready to serve
©      Be clean and sweet smelling at all times
©      Only sit on furniture if invited
©      Only sleep on Masters bed if invited
©      Not to speak unless asked to
©      Only to eat the slave food unless given something else
©      Have a job
©      Service Master sexually at His whim
©      Take care of the cats
©      Keep musical skills sharp
©      Achieve a min of a B in each class taken
©      Know the slave positions
©      Be shaved

If the above listed tasks are not met punishment will be given to the slave. Punishments can include but are not limited to:
©      Corner Time
©      Enemas
©      Lines
©      Embarrassment
©      The Cane
©      The hair brush
©      Nipple Clamps
©      Exercise (running push ups sit ups)
©      Kneeling on Ice
©      No use of pillows

If the above listed tasks are met rewards can be given. They can include but are not limited to:
©      Cuddles
©      Watching movies
©      Playing the Wii with Master
©      Showers with Master
©      Coloring
©      Soft hand spanking
©      Fingering
©      Walking

The above tasks will be added as each one is mastered. If the slave feels that something is too much to handle she may bring the problem to Master with out fear of punishment and with the understanding that she will be listened to and the problems will be worked on.

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