Saturday, April 30, 2011

Im trying

Im trying my best to hold my tongue...Im trying my best not to shoot off my mouth but your hurting does not seem to matter if i beg you to stop for you just ignore me. You are willing to do things for yourself with no thought to me. i know this is the life i choose and i plan to keep it because i love you. but im begging you...please stop hurting me, please dont say everything i like is stupid or not worth it. When you disregard my comments on things such as yanking my hair so fast that it hurts my neck...or slapping me on the arm just for fun...or telling me lll be fine when im sick instead of being sympathetic like i am when ylu dont feel good makes me wonder if you love me as much as i love do anything for you but when you hurt me it makes me want to change who i am...somethimes i think maybe youd like it better if i lost my personality and just did everything and never asked for sexual things or anything for that matter...sighs

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