Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 3

What makes you feel joy, pain, fear, excitement?

A lot of things make me feel joy. Reading a good book, talking with an old friend, watching a favorite movie,  spending time with loved ones..just to name a few. All of these things bring joy into my life, and they are all powerful things, however, one of the most powerful feelings of joy comes when I know that I have pleased my Master. When he pets my head and tells me that I have been a good girl, the feeling of joy overwhelms me.

I feel pain when I'm hurt, or when I have disappointed someone I love. When I know I have done something that hurt a friend or that hurt my Master I feel a great pain. I hate to hurt the ones I love.

I feel fear when I am about to be punished, or when I go into a class for the first time. I become fearful when I met new people or experience something new. When I'm home alone and it is night time I fear what could be out there.

When I am told that we are going shopping, to a party, to see family, to see friends I become excited. I also become excited when we play or Master allows me to serve him.

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