Monday, July 11, 2011

Prompt 1

Today's prompt is a quotation.

"I saw an angel trapped in marble and I carved to set her free"--Michaelangelo

I can see many ways one can take this. I am going to take it in a BDSM way. To me this quote is coming from a Master/Mistress talking about a submissive. When I read this I see a Dom/Domme looking at a new submissive. The submissive is much like an angel trapped in marble. She knows what she wants but cannot obtain that with out the help of the Dom/Domme. They see the true heart of the girl and how much she wants to serve. They see what she can be and who she can do. And through training they can carve away all the things that the sub is not and leave just what the sub is. They can take all the impurities that surround the girl and toss it to the side to leave only the pure intentions and pure beauty of the submissive.

1 comment:

  1. Well this one see's this from a slave's side. Though she is like you said the stone. She/He waits for their Master/Mistress to show up and start the work. Just like Michaelangelo, is a Master of art. The Master/Mistress is the Master of training. Once the Owner is done with thier training of their slave. Once they are done the slave is all that is left is the pure gift of her/his slavery to their Owner. Nothing is more perfect and beautiful.