Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Pics!!

Imp has started climbing the latter that is in our house. He loves to jump from the top.

 This was taken just after it had rained. I love going out and seeing the rain drops. I love everything to do with rain. The Neko below is how I see myself sometimes. My hair is the same color and I love to hide in boxes.
Last weekend I visited my parents and I found that they have some new pets. They now have three ducks and two pings. Thomas (Pictured in the orange jacket) has the three ducks. He named them Ducky Ricko and yeller. Steven has the pigs and said that he does not plan on naming them.
 The ducks love the pool that my parents have set up in the yard. They love to run all over and annoy the dogs who are annoyed that they cant get to the ducks. Doug the golden wants to eat them.

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